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Seth Rogen Wants To See Jordan's Breasts

April 15, 2009 Katie Price, Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen wants to see Jordan's breasts. The comic star is convinced the British former glamour model - real name Katie Price - has "the biggest breasts in the universe" and is keen to get a closer look when he comes to the U.K. to promote his upcoming film "Observe and Report" later this month.

But despite his love of her impressive chest, Seth had difficultly remembering Jordan's name.

When asked whose breasts he would most like to see, the comic said: "Who's that girl who's famous in England with the biggest breasts in the universe?"

"The one who's married and they tried to make it and get famous here in America. You know who I mean. Dawn, is it?"

After being told her name, he added: "Yes, that's right - and can you believe I've never seen them."

Seth might be disappointed if he ever lays eyes on Jordan's bosom in the flesh. After increasing her modest 32B cup size to a whopping 32G, she had them reduced last year to a more manageable 32D.

Although Seth hasn't met the ex-topless model yet, he saw his share of naked men while filming "Observe and Report."

In one scene he even had to chase one nude guy through a shopping center.

He said: "It was bizarre. Between takes there was a lot of time with me and him just standing there, being like, 'What the hell are we doing, man? This is insane. It's so weird.'"

"Then they'd say, 'Action.' and he'd do a Batmanesque move and throw his trench coat open like a cape and expose himself."

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By: Maverine Lane

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