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Shanelle Gray is rich and money isnít the motive behind her battle for Ariel Winters custody

November 22, 2012 Ariel Winter

In 2000, Ariel Winterís sister Shanelle Gray might have filed for bankruptcy but new reports have emerged saying that Shanelle is rich and doesnít need Arielís money.

According to TMZ, Shanelle is married to David Barry Gray, who is an heir to the Pepsi fortune. Davidís father is one of the founding members of Pepsi Cola. Davidís grandpa,Philip Rubenstein owned 23 of the original Pepsi plants and with the help of Al Steele, took the company nationwide.

Davidís grandfather was the President of Pepsi Cola in the 1950ís and collective lots of money. He died in 1997 and was survived by his wife, two daughters and six grandchildren. David being one of them is in line to inherit huge amounts of money from the family fortune.

Both David and Shanelle have acting businesses Gray Studios in L.A and Gray Studios in Orange County. Their business is so successful that they will be expanding to New York next year. David is also an actor and he featured in the Emmy-winning move Game Change.

This means that Chrystal Workman, Shanelleís mother does not know what is happening in her daughterís life because she was taken away from her years ago and put into foster care.

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By: Maverine Lane

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