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Shia Labeouf apologizes to Daniel Clowes in regards with reports related to plagiarism

December 18, 2013 

It was an extremely embarrassing time and situation for Shia Labeouf, who wrote and directed the short movie, ‘HowardCantour.com’, which was available for online download earlier this week. This was the actors attempt at trying his hand at writing and direction, but seemed like he fell flat on his face with his alternate career choice.

It was reported by ‘Buzzfeed’ that the movie was an exact lift of a 2007 comedy movie, ‘Justin M Damiano’, which was written by Daniel Clowes. The similarities didn’t just end with the story, even the dialogues and the narration of Shea’s short film was totally copied from Daniel’s movie.

On his part, Shia apologized to Daniel Clowes in a series of tweets and said that he should have credited Daniel for his inspiration, the story and the dialogue. He ended up saying ‘I f***ked up!!! Since you accepted your mistake and decided to take it publicly, we respect you Shia. Like they say, once bitten twice shy, we hope you learned your lesson here.

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By: Maverine Lane

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