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Simon is disgusting and creepy –Cheryl Cole

April 22, 2012 Girls Aloud, Ashley Cole, Cheryl Cole, Aloud

The Sweet Revenge saga continues as Cheryl Cole steps forward to tell her thoughts on Simon. Since the unauthorized biography by Tom Bower,a Simon has made headlines and it seems his story isn’t going away soon.

Cheryl Cole is planning to do a tell-all book about Simon. Tom Bower had alleged that Simon had secretly wanted to sleep with Cheryl. Simon is said to have tipped to Bower that he would have had an affair with Cheryl. He said “I would have liked an affair with Cheryl. I felt like a mouse being played by a beautiful cat”.

“She would drop her eyes and play the soulful victim to get around me. She played me”.

Simon and Cheryl were on the same panel and seemed to get along just fine, but now the Girls Aloud star claims that Simon is creepy for wanting to hit on him on the X Factor panel.

A disappointed Cheryl opened up to a friend about the turn of events after she featured in ‘The Sweet Revenge’. She obviously had no idea about the smooth operator. She said “How could he embarrass me like this? He was an uncle figure to me and to think all along he was trying to hit on me. It’s disgusting and creepy.

Reports have also emerged that Simon helped Cheryl through her divorce from Ashley Cole.A source said ‘Simon offered Cheryl a shoulder to cry on, gave her numbers to respected divorce lawyers, persuading her to get rid of Cole and to push forward with her career.

Who will be next in the Sweet Revenge saga?We can only anticipate.

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By: Maverine Lane

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