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Six revelations: Kim Kardashian gets real in this candid interview

July 2, 2015 Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

It's hard for someone like Kim Kardashian to keep secrets and yet she's managed to hold on to some. That's why her soiree with an intimate crowd during an Inforum event at San Francisco turned out to be a lot more special.

The reality star shared her thoughts on fame, family and how women are viewed in Hollywood with a sense of humour, which even many of her die-hard fans weren't really used to.

Kanye West's wife answered every question lobbed at her by LaDoris Cordell, a Stanford Law graduate threw at her and here's what we learnt about her:

1. Jennifer Lopez has always been her inspiration:

That's hardly surprising! Apart from those obvious reasons, Kim K has always looked to the Latin singer/actress for fashion advice. Kim revealed she was obsessed with the shoes Jennifer wore in the Jenny From the Block video, so much that she called the boutique to hunt down a pair, which cost $750 each.

She begged her dad Robert to lend her money and he as usual made her "sign a contract for everything" with her agreeing she would pay back the amount.

Kim then went on to purchase all seven pairs using his credit card and knowing they were in high demand, sold them on eBay for $2400 a piece. Needless to say, she paid her dad back and also stashed some cash.

2. She believes women can be successful provided they work for it

"It's absolutely possible to succeed in business," Kim said. "It's about finding your passion and being determined."

She explained that while sifting through her followers' Instagram feeds, she sees "a generation of girls that are beautiful but don't seem like they have a strong work ethic." The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star added: "I think people assume that if you have good looks, things will come easy. It doesn't work that way. You need to have drive."

3. Even she has insecurities about the way she looks

Cindy Crawford was Kim's biggest beauty idol while growing up and she didn't have anything common with Kim's body type.

"I developed early and was uncomfortable with my curves," she said, adding that her older sister, Kourtney, (who was a bit of a late bloomer) would "snap her bra straps" and was "so embarrassing."

Kim revealed that it she would "sit in the bathtub and pray" for her body stop developing. Noticing her insecurities, her father wrote her a heartfelt letter before she left for high school telling her that even though people "may take advantage" of her body shape, she should be proud and confident of who she is.

"My parents always made me feel really proud of who I was," said the pregnant star. "But for me to say that I don't wear Spanx every day, or that most days I don't even feel secure enough to walk outside the door, would be a lie."

4. She believes in taking back the power by objectifying herself

"You can take that power and put out there what you want people to look at, and what you think is beautiful," said Kim, who believes that the media objectifies women.

Talking about her photo book, Selfish, Kim explained, "I took all those photos myself. I like them. I'm proud of them. I think there's power in that; I have the control to put out what I want. Even if it's objectifying myself, I'm OK with that. It's really a matter of opinion. If a woman does a photo shoot that she thinks was tasteful and artfully done, the media might still use it for their own benefit and exploit it. But for me, I don't care that they exploited it if I loved it and was happy with the message behind it."

5. Kim K gives two hoots to what others think of her

Kanye West's been such a major addition to her life and way she thinks now. Kim admitted to "reading every blog post, every comment, and every little thing written" about her in the past, but thanks to husband West, she's learned not to care as much about what other people think.

"It was really hard to deal with," she said, adding, "He has taught me not to care and to have confidence. I've gotten so much of my confidence from him. I love how he stands up for what he believes in wholeheartedly I love the way he lives."

6. The Kardashians were destined to be famous

While taking about her father who died in 2003, she said she knew he would be "so proud of me." She added with a laugh, "He might kill me for some of the magazine stuff I've done, though... and some other stuff."

She then shared a story about her father visiting a psychic after the OJ Simpson trial in 1995.

"He never believed in psychics, but he went to see one after the trial died down. The woman told him, 'Your name is going to be famous worldwide,'" to which he replied he was hoping to lay low for a while and he didn't think his children would be in the entertainment business. "She kept telling him, 'I can see the Kardashian name being internationally known,' and he refused to believe it. My aunt and uncle and I laugh about that now."

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By: Maverine Lane

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