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Snooki opens up about motherhood

October 26, 2012 Taylor Swift, Snooki

Everyone had very low expectations of Snooki as a mother but Alas! She is holding up just fine. She gave an interview on Thursday on the challenges of motherhood.

The Jersey shore star told Access Hollywood that although she loves being with Lorenzo, she enjoys the efforts of Jionni who has taken upon himself to change the baby’s nappy so often that it feels as though little Lorenzo has two moms.

“Jionni is like Lorenzo’s other mother. He is handy, he changes diapers and does everything. So Lorenzo has kinda like two moms”.

The 24-year old also admitted that the baby has changed her life around. Her priorities have changed too. She said “I used to care about parting, like what is going on tonight, what am I going to wear and now it’s really like-what is Lorenzo going to wear to bed? He is perfect, he is an amazing baby”.

At bed time the first time mother said she hums tunes by Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to help her baby go to sleep. She gushed that Lorenzo is so cute and she likes to cuddle him.

Snooki and Jionni decided to put their wedding plans on hold when baby Lorenzo come in the picture. They got engaged in March but according to Snooki, the pair will wait until they buy a house. She also doesn’t want to bring their baby up in Jionni’s parents’ basement.

She said “I have to find a house first. I want to get married and then go to a house, not his parents’ basement. So we want to actually get our own house before we get married”.

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By: Maverine Lane

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