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Snoop Dogg Allowed U.K. Entry Again

March 5, 2010 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is free to cross the Atlantic again. The 38-year-old rap star has been allowed to fly to the U.K. after authorities denied him a tour visa in 2007.

The hip-hop artist - real name Calvin Broadus - angered immigration officials in 2006 when he was arrested after a brawl at the Heathrow Airport in London. He was denied entry into the country the following year. Authorities said his previous drug and firearm offenses made him a threat.

The ruling was lifted in 2008 after he challenged it, but government officials took the case to the Court of Appeal. It was overturned so Broadus wasn't allowed again to enter the U.K.

However, the Grammy nominated artist refused to give up, taking the case to a U.K. Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. His lawyers asked them to reconsider, arguing that his work as a high school football coach and his appearances on family-friendly TV shows make him a qualified to have a visa.

Two senior immigration judges sided with Broadus, saying border authorities were wrong to deny him entry. This paved way for the rapper to re-apply for visa, but it is still not a guarantee that it will be granted.

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By: Maverine Lane

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