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Snoop dresses as a Rastafarian despite being threatened with a lawsuit

January 24, 2013 Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Eli Roth, Snoop Lion

Rapper Snoop Lion (was Snoop Dogg) is not giving up on his quest of becoming a Rastafarian despite being threatened with a lawsuit from the branch of Rastafarianism that he is alleged to have converted into.

Snoop arrived at LAX dressed in a Bob Marley shirt and a Rasta cap.His dressing is just a statement to tell this Rastafarians that he isn't scared of their threats.

Snoop converted to a brunch of Rastafarianism called Niyabinghi. According to the people in the sect,Snoop could have converted as a publicity stunt,and not a genuine spiritual conversion.

The only survivor of the Bob Marley band Bunny Wailer does not agree with Snoop's move as he feels the rapper just wants to use Rastafarian community's personalities and symbolism.

The sect is now asking that Snoop offers a public apology,money and to stop calling himself Snoop Lion.They have said smoking weed and loving Bob Marley does not make one a Rastafarian.

The Guardian reports that Snoop visited Jamaica with Eli Roth,a film director who says Snoop is really into Rastafarianism and loves Bob Marley.Roth says he wants to send a message of positivity and has written a song about fruit juice.

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By: Maverine Lane

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