Sophie Simmons With Rumors Of Engagement
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Sophie Simmons With Rumors Of Engagement

October 1, 2012 Gene Simmons, Say Anything, Sophie Simmons, .

.com/celebs3/sophie_simmons'>Sophie Simmons, the daughter of the famous .com/celebs/gene_simmons'>Gene Simmons and star of the reality TV show, .com/celebs/gene_simmons'>Gene Simmons Family Jewels, is currently having engagement rumors since her audition for the X Factor. She was spotted in the event wearing some serious bling bling that is taught of as an engagement ring.

So, did she really just get engaged?

According to Sophie herself, it was actually her mother's ring and she apparently uses it for good luck. She was just spotted in an event for Capcom's Resident Evil 6 launch party when asked the question.

She adds that she just went in for the audition to try to do something that her parents couldn't help her with. She was just at the show's bootcamp for a week but she didn't say anything further about whether making it further into the competition.

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