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Steven Yeun Tackles The Walking Dead Rumors and Previews Intense Season 5 Premiere

July 14, 2014 

After a spine-chilling finale where we saw the group of zombie apocalypse survivers make their way to Terminus, a supposed sanctuary, where they were shot at, robbed and forced to huddle in a dark train car.

About the premiere of the new season, Yeun says “I can't give too much away ‘cause it's pretty brutal. I will say the group is evolving, the group is not a group to be messed with anymore. I think last year where we left off with Rick saying ‘They don't know who they are screwing with' is absolutely right," Yeun told E! News while promoting his new film I Origins. "These people have gotten through quite a bit and they persevered over a lot and they lost countless lives, but at the same time, the people that have continued to live on have become stronger. You kind of don't want to mess with these guys. I will leave it at that!"

What are you guys looking forward to from Season 5?

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By: Maverine Lane

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