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Supermodel Elle Macpherson's New Boyfriend Is A Convicted Cocaine Smuggler

October 27, 2008 Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson's new boyfriend is a convicted cocaine smuggler. The 44-year-old supermodel began dating British-born Brian Burgess, 56, after his removals firm Aussie Man and Van helped her move house earlier this year.

It has been revealed Burgess spent four years in an Australian jail after he was convicted of attempting to smuggle 2kg of cocaine into the country from America in 1996.

Aussie Man and Van manager John Hess confirmed Burgess' drug conviction, but insists he has now put the episode behind him.

Hess said: "That's all in the past. This guy spends most of his time counseling people with drug and alcohol addictions."

Burgess was deported back to England after he had served his sentence, leaving behind his wife Jennifer and their three young children.

Speaking at the time, Jennifer said: "He was always a good dad. Unfortunately he lost the plot for a long time."

Burgess emigrated to Australia aged 17 and quickly found work as an airline sales manager.

However, his life spiraled out of control when he lost his job. He started drinking alcohol heavily, using cocaine and developed eating disorder bulimia.

He eventually lost his $920,000 home and racked up drug debts of almost $31,000.

During his trial, Burgess told the court he had been a regular cocaine user in the seven months prior to his arrest.

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By: Maverine Lane

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