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Suri Cruise All Grown Up! TomKat's 3-Year-Old Daughter Wears Bright Red Lipstick

February 12, 2010 Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

First it was the high heels, now it's bright red lipstick. Suri Cruise is a grown little lady at only 3 years old. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are facing criticism again for allowing their daughter to look older than her tender age.

The TomKitten was recently spotted shopping for makeup with her mom at the cosmetic store Sephora in New York. After her shopping spree, she came out sporting a bright red lipstick as she smiled for the photographers.

Tom and Katie have also been slammed for allowing Suri to wear high heels, but her former "Dawson's Creek" star mom just explained that the shoes were actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids so they are safe for her developing feet.

The privileged kid has a wardrobe that would make women squirm in envy. It was reported that her "Top Gun" star dad paid $3 million for her designer clothes and accessories.

Also recently, Suri's parents let her brave the New York blizzard wearing pink summer shoes. Well at least she was wearing snow-appropriate jacket and mittens. Katie would surely find some perfectly good explanation for this, such as those are really heated shoes made for snowy weather or her daughter's feet are not like any other regular kids'.

While others strongly object to the "adultification" of Suri, other online readers have defended Suri's fashion sense, saying, like most girls, she is just having fun with playing dress-up, and it's not her fault or her parents' if the paparazzi follow and photograph her every move.

However, there are times when Katie and Tom need to grow up and start acting like parents. It's good that they let their child pick out her own clothes, but ballet shoes during snow? It just doesn't make sense. They can always tell her to wear suitable, albeit still fashionable clothes if the weather gets too cold. Or better yet, just shell out millions of dollars again for Suri's weather-appropriate clothes.

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By: Maverine Lane

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