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Taylor Swift suid for keeping $2.5 million after a show was canceled

February 18, 2013 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is being sued by the organizers of the Capital Hoedown,after she kept the money despite the concert being called off.

Taylor was to perform at The Capital Hoedown,a country music concert in Ottawa Canada back in August last year .The concert never took place after the organizers disagreed on some issues.

They had however already paid the singer an upfront payment and sold tickets which they have to refund.The organizers now want Taylor to give back the money since she did not perform.They want her to give back 1.8 m,meaning she will still get to keep $700k.

The country singers representative claims that their camp has not received a lawsuit yet and neither did Taylor make any deal with the ticketing company.She did not agree to give back a refund of 1.8 million which they are requesting for.This means they will have to sweat getting that amount of money from her!

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By: Maverine Lane

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