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The Bizarre Love Quadrilateral

August 1, 2014 Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s marriage has long ended, but they are still connected. How you ask? Well by the people they have apparently dated! It is a bizarre love square that has had the world confused. We try to sort it out here for you.

-- Orlando has been getting comfortable with Erica Parker on board a boat in Ibiza

-- Erica was wedded to media tycoon and billionaire James Packer

-- James and Erica separated in September 2013 a month before Orlando and Miranda’s much talked about split in 2013

-- According to media reports James and Miranda were romantically linked in December

--What is more interesting is, the four of them were friends while they were in apparent matrimonial bliss with their respective partners

--In May, James and DaviGyngall got into a fist fight, where David questioned James about the way he treated his wife Erica and his apparent connection to Miranda was mentioned

So we hope this befuddling quadrilateral is a bit more comprehendible!

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By: Maverine Lane

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