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The Mark Wahlberg – Tom Cruise Fiasco

November 15, 2013 Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise

How many of us would want to be real life stars? Well most of us do! If the same is asked about being soldiers, not many of us would be keen on that. That’s what Mark Wahlberg meant when he took potshots at Tom Cruise, who recently commented that his job as an actor is as difficult as that of a soldier in Afghanistan.

Mark later commented that he wasn’t aware that Tom made the statement and wasn’t taking potshots at the Mission Impossible star. Rather he said he respects Tom a lot and likes him dearly, but sometimes he speaks too much and needs to shut up.

The Departed star said that Tom is an amazing actor and he is a fan of his craft. Mark mentioned that he didn’t mean any disrespect but the statement comparing actors to soldiers was uncool. We are with you on this Mr. Wahlberg, way to go!

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By: Maverine Lane

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