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Thicke Crashed Porsche On Parked Car

July 11, 2012 Robin Thicke

Just recently, Robin Thicke crashed his rather high-end car, a Porsche nonetheless, into a car. But we're not done yet. He crashed it into a parked car!

According to sources, he apparently crashed into a parked car because he was cut off by another car while he was on the way out of Chateau Marmont. Thus, he was forced to swerve and that move caused the collision.

His car sustained damage but we were told that there were no injuries involved. Aside from the cars, that is. Do you want to know what type of car he smashed into? Well, it's a Volkswagen.

Both cars were towed from the scene and police say that there was no drugs or alcohol involved.

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By: Maverine Lane

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