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Tom Daley Reveals who his Oscar Winner Boyfriend is

December 4, 2013 Sean Penn, Dustin Lance Black, Tom Daley

It was surprising when Olympic Diver Tom Daley came out of the closet and revealed about his sexuality to the world via YouTube. What was more surprising when the 19 year old revealed the identity of his boyfriend, it turned out to be an Oscar winner. Well we will not keep it a surprise anymore, the man Tom Daley is dating is Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar for writing the screenplay of the Sean Penn starrer Milk.

As per sources the 19 year old Olympian and the 39 year old Academy Award winner writer since Oct this year, when the two were spotted together, at the Coffee Bean, in Hollywood. Daley said in his video that his life has changed drastically in the spring of this year since the time he met a special someone. This person made him feel happy, secure and safe and that person is a guy.

He also added stating that he still does fancy girls but now he is in a happy stage in life being with Black. Well whatever rocks your boat Tom, we are happy that you are happy

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By: Maverine Lane

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