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Top 10 Reasons Joan Rivers is a Badass!

March 30, 2013 Elizabeth Taylor, Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, Jay Leno, Ryan Gosling, Jerry Seinfeld, Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson, Jon Stewart

Comedy legend Joan Rivers has made far too many fat jokes. She’s ripped apart Elizabeth Taylor, and many other female celebrities. However, though she has her faults, she’s a badass! Here are the top 10 reasons why bad-to-the-bone Joan is way cool!

Joan Rivers is a Marketing Genius

Last August, the LAPD threw Joan out of a Costco.

Costco banned Joan’s book. So, in an LA branch Costco she showed up, proceeded to handcuff herself to a shopping cart, talked through a megaphone, and signed copies of her New York Times bestseller ‘I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me’.

Rivers said the First Amendment covered her protest. But, the store manager called the cops, who escorted her out of the store.

Joan Rivers is Not Afraid to Chase Young Men

Joan Rivers stated on her show, Fashion Police that she’d love to date Ryan Gosling.

"He is handsome, he is great… I love him," she said on her show. “I read that his greatest love is an 11-and-a-half-year-old dog. In human, that's about 78 years. So Ryan…guess who else is 78 and also likes it doggy style?"

Who can guess what Ryan Gosling thought when he heard Joan’s quote?!

Joan Rivers Calls Jay Leno Out For Being Not Funny

To this day, Jay Leno refuses to have Joan on his show. However, her reaction is not one of a crushed spirit, but of comic realism:

“…But he’s not funny, so who gives a s***!”

And she’s right, Jay Leno’s jokes are stale and only appeal to old tasteless geezers!

Joan Rivers is Never Sorry for Jokes

If you are going to do it, go all the way. There is no room in the comedy business for timidity and deodorizing your jokes. Joan’s vulgar effronteries are refreshing.

And, as ever, Joan Rivers isn't sorry for her latest scandalous jokes. "If you want nice, go on Christian Singles and marry somebody."

Joan Rivers is Remarkably Resilient

Early in her career Joan signed on to a late-night hosting spot opposite her mentor Johnny Carson.

This ended poorly. Carson cut her out of his life. And, Joan’s producer husband, Edgar Rosenberg, took his own life when the show failed. Later, she made a TV movie about his suicide. In the movie Joan played herself, and said this project helped her and her daughter, Melissa, move forward.

This is an incredibly resilient woman. If making a movie can improve her and her daughter’s mental health and ability to cope, then it’s a good thing. It took guts for her to tell the media this.

Joan Pushes the Limits of What’s Allowed on the Tube

Way back in the 1960’s she was on the Ed Sullivan Show. On the broadcast she pushed the envelope, making jokes about abortion and the casting couch.

She paved the way to create the freedom in standup comedy we see today – for the likes of Jon Stewart, Sacha Baren Cohen, and others!

Joan Opened Up the Comedy Game for Women!

Joan Rivers’ style of comedy is similar to Sarah Silverman’s raunchy, snarky randomness. Joan’s style can be seen in Kathy Griffin’s unrestrained honesty!

These women’s comedy wouldn’t have been so well received had it not been for Joan Rivers revolutionary laying of the groundwork.

Joan Rivers is Creative & Takes Comedy to the Next Level

Jerry Seinfeld had a show interviewing people in a car. Joan took this idea further!

On her new show Joan interviews people in bed! The first guest of her new webseries In Bed With Joan was Sarah Silverman.

Though Joan Has Had All the Plastic Surgeries, She’s No Bimbo

Most celebs that undergo plastic surgeries do it thoughtlessly, and it seems like they are pressured into it. However, in Joan’s case, it seems like she does it because she desperately loves having a show. And will do anything to keep herself in the mix. That is ambition, not bimbo-ness.

Joan is in her 70s and Still Going Strong

This last reason is the most obvious! Joan is a badass simply because she is so old, and still making relevant humor! She is a septuagenarian with new ideas stewing in her marvelous brain on the regular!

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By: Maverine Lane

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