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Top 10 Sexiest Aging Actresses!

March 28, 2013 Cher, Christina Aguilera, Christina Ricci, Holly Hunter, Jane Seymour, Julianne Moore, Mary Steenburgen, Megan Mullally, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon, Tina Fey, Winona Ryder, Anjelica Huston, Ted Danson, Seth Rogan, Queen

Time can tear a body apart. It can also ripen, and bestow an even greater beauty on a body! And that's precisely what it did for these sizzling ladies! These are the top 10 most beautiful aging actresses!

Mary Steenburgen - 60 Years Old

Mary Steenburgen, born in 1953, must have discovered the fountain of youth!

Just a couple years back she was the mother in both Elf and Step Brothers. Her physique is incredible! Even more recently she was Ted Danson's lover in the HBO series Bored to Death

Mary's style and smile accentuate a sizzling sexiness! There is something so magnetic about her essence; her voice has this thick femininity.

Susan Sarandon - 66 Years Old

Susan Sarandon, born in 1946, is still making movies like crazy! In Cloud Atlas (2012), she oozed sexiness in her role as a tribal matriarch. She was adorned with face paint, beads, and rudimentary shawls - yet audiences couldn't take their eyes off her!

In Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) she was a young girl just dipping her toes into the world of sensual delight. As the years went by we fell in love with her smile, her authentic beauty, and her cool elegance!

Anjelica Huston - 62 Years Old

Anjelica Huston, born in 1951, was in the original James Bond flick Casino Royale (1967). Barely a teenager, she brought a never-before-seen beauty to the screen. A beauty reminiscent of a dangerous gypsy, eyes full of mystery and veiled intensity.

We saw her as a dominatrixy Grand High Witch in Roahl Dahl's The Witches and then as Morticia in The Addams Family. Her most recent blockbuster was in 50/50 with costars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan.

She has a similar allure and beauty to Cher, and it just keeps on lasting for this sexy lady.

Cher - 66 Years Old

We remember Cher from Mermaids when she played the sexually liberated, awesome, strong-willed mother of two girls (Christina Ricci & Winona Ryder). Her style is unmatched, and she carries her mystifyingly beautiful figure with such confidence.

Recently, in Burlesque she starred across of Christina Aguilera. And, Cher's still got it! Her eyes ooze a knowing and calmness that is irresistibly sexy. If Cher hits the century mark, there is no doubt she'll still have it going on!

Sigourney Weaver - 63 Years Old

Sigourney Weaver, born in 1949, stole our hearts with her stern, red-headed beauty. She kicked so much ass in the Aliens series. Her grit and toughness is incredibly sexy. It is hard to believe she is in her sixties!

Her cameo in Cabin in the Woods showed her fierce nature is still boiling in her blood! And, Weaver has been shooting Vamps, a full length feature in which she plays Queen of the Vampires. This flick comes out November 2, 2013.

Julianne Moore - 52 Years Old

Julianne Moore, born in 1960, is another fiery redhead. Her drop dead gorgeousness came to light in her roles in Boogie Nights and The Big Lebowski. (How can we forget how attached to a crazy apparatus she soared nude above the Dude's head spraying paint over the canvas below?!)

Her attitude is mellow, yet fierce. Her eyes are full of life. The contrast between her fair skin and her red hair gives her an essence of french vanilla and spicy cinnamon. Julianne is staying young, recently appearing in numerous episodes of Tina Fey's hit show 30 Rock.

Judy Dench - 78 Years Old

Judy Dench was born in the middle of the Dirty Thirties! The dust bowl raged, and in 1934 she was born - right at the peak of the Great Depression!

Dench is a scorching dame, best known for her role as M in the latest James Bond movies. (Skyfall the most recent)

Jane Seymour - 62 Years Old

Jane Seymour, born in 1951, is best known as a Bond girl and from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. She has aged very well, and is strikingly sexy, and is another redhead on the list!

What really sealed the deal was Jane's appearance in Wedding Crashers. She played an overtly sensual woman, who was very ready to play and make aggressive advances on her prey!

Holly Hunter - 55 years Old

Holly Hunter, born in 1958, is the youngest of seven children. She is from Georgia, and is a beautiful southern girl with charm and smarts! Time just makes her more irresistible!

Megan Mullally - 54 Years Old

Megan Mullally, born in 1958, is best known for her role as Karen on Will & Grace.

Currently Mullally plays the principal at an elementary school in Smashed. Her beauty is unique; she is an offshoot of Tina Fey's zany brand of sexiness.

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By: Maverine Lane

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