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Top 10 Successful Celebrities Who Did Not Complete High School

March 21, 2014 Al Pacino, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Charlie Sheen, Christina Applegate, Hilary Swank, Jim Carrey, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise

Who would have thought that the stars were also rebellious in their lives?

Here's a top 10 of celebrities without school where you learn about the actors who chose to try their luck in the industry without much paperwork. Many famous people from the film world today have not even taken acting classes and did not finish high school before entering the fascinating world of movies and television. Although it is just a matter of praise, these stars remain as examples that native talent is much more than education. The ones you will find in this top are the most popular stars in the world of Hollywood that have not bothered to finish high school before entering the spotlight.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg finds himself on the tenth position. The famous actor is known from Boogie Nights, Ted or Broken City movies. It seems that he was not always a good boy, having a troubled life, as a result dropped out of high school since the tenth grade. It seems that with fame, Wahlberg's appetite for learning woke up, because he decided to return to school and show the world that education should not be missed. Who would not like to be beside him in biology class?

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is on the ninth place. Surely you have not forgotten Kelly Bundy, the prototype of the perfect blonde from the Married With Children sitcom. Christina succeeded in television and then had some success in the world of feature films, particularly comedies, but making sacrifices she followed her dream of singing and dancing. When she was just 16, Christina quit high school to pursue her dream in the world of cinema and celebrity. It looks like it was worth it: After defeating breast cancer and with her involvement in humanitarian campaigns, Christina shows us that blondes are not as dumb as they seem!

Cameron Diaz

Eighth position among actors with little education goes to Cameron Diaz. If she is a real celebrity now, 16 years ago Diaz definitely was just an ordinary girl with a great body, a fact for which she was hunted by a modeling agency. Signing a modeling contract meant the end of school for Cameron Diaz, who followed the path to Hollywood. In 1994 her career got wings with her role in Mask with Jim Carrey, and then it became one of Charlie's Angels.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is ranking on the seventh place in this top. The comedy king dropped out of school at age 16, trying his luck in television. Thus, with this educational sacrifice, Jim Carrey became one of the most famous and loved comedians. Who does not know of Bruce Almighty, Mask, The Truman Show and Christmas Carols? Carrey has played in dozens of comedy which is recognized and loved internationally.

Lindsay Lohan

Sixth position among the actors who have not finished high school, but have made a career in film, belongs to Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay began her career very early, at her age of 3 she already became a model, and at 12 she began appearing in commercials and had minor roles on television. Who else has time for school? Teen idol of the 1990s, Lohan starred in lots of movies for kids and teens, of which the best known is the role of Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Although her career ended because its output of violent car accidents, alcohol and illegal substances, Lohan is now trying to be back on track getting roles in more serious films, fighting with illegal substances and alcohol addiction and putting her life on track. Lohan started learning at home since the tenth grade neglecting her studies altogether.

Hilary Swank

Oscar winner Hillary Swank had problems in high school, so she ranks five in our top. Because she did not like the strict rules, Swank dropped out of school and went on the cinema road. It seems that her rebel adolescence had a good influence on the actress who also won an Oscar for her role in Million Dollar Baby.

Charlie Sheen

Fourth place in the top goes to Charlie Sheen. Hollywood rebel that takes no account of anyone or anything, and his teen life also looked like that! The actor has been expelled from the school a few weeks before the promotion due to lack of presence at times and bad grades. Being a rebel he earned over time a lot of problems, the actor was fired from the set comedy Two and a Half Men because he came to work drunk. In addition, he is a known drug user in recovery. He did not give up though and returns to the small screen with his own comedy Anger Management.

Britney Spears

On the third place is Britney Spears, another model for young women in the 1990s, not too fond of the book. It seems that in order to pursue her career, Britney dropped out of high school. Britney began her career in the band Disney Mickey Mouse Club, reaching the idol of a generation later in the film Crossroads. Things were not exactly as great for her, since the mid-2000s, she fell into depression and passion of alcohol and drugs. After a fierce battle with addictions, she has managed to beat them and come back!

Al Pacino

Second position in the top 10 celebrities without school belongs to Al Pacino. The actor attended a drama school, but dropped out at age of 17. But he was not intimidated by the world of cinema and has tried out to become one of the most loved, wanted and respected actors in Hollywood. "The Godfather" is known for his exceptional role in Scent of a Woman, The Godfather series, Deal With The Devil or Serpico.

Tom Cruise

The leader of this top is Tom Cruise. Known for his roles in Top Gun, Mission Impossible and War of the Worlds, Cruise wanted to become a priest, but only when he got to high school he realized that his mission in life is to be an actor. Meanwhile has changed his religion, being an avid supporter and representative of Scientology, and several women, but remained one of the best known and loved actors in the film industry.

Here are the most important actors and famous people who have chosen to start a career in film and television at the expense of high school. But that does not mean that anyone can drop out and become a star. You must have a natural talent and work very hard to get to be an actor so stay in school, be a part of an entire sphere of knowledge and then think about what career you want to follow in life.

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By: Maverine Lane

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