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Top 30 Celebrity Couple Breakups in 2014

September 1, 2014 Adriana Lima, Antonio Banderas, Britney Spears, David Duchovny, Emma Watson, Evan Rachel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, John Mayer, Kelli Garner, Mariah Carey, Nikki Reed, Olivia Munn, Sofia Vergara, Tea Leoni, Kate Mara, Paula Patton, Prince, Melanie Griffith, Chris Martin, Seal, Jamie Bell, Nick Cannon, Cuba Gooding Jr, Katy Perry, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Prokop, Robin Thicke, Joe Jonas, Johnny Galecki, Lucy Hale, Sarah Hyland, Bella Thorne, Calvin Harris, Max Minghella, Jewel, Mike Comrie, Olivia, Ty Murray, Naya Rivera, Cuba Gooding, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Joel Kinnaman, Casper Smart, Ansel Elgort, Blanda Eggenschwiler, Ireland Baldwin

We all know that romantic relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain for celebrities. Well, though the year has not ended yet, but unfortunately, we are already seeing many tragic break-ups among celebrity couples, some with decades of marriage. Here are the top 30 biggest celebrity splits in 2014.

1. Britney Spears and David Lucado

Britney broke it off with David allegedly because he cheated on her with video proof of it! Spears subsequently tweeted about her new relationship status: "Ahhh the single life!"

2. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

Despite reigniting their romance in 2013, JLaw and Nicholas has split again in July 2014. The breakup was apparently what both sides wanted with JLaw confessing to Marie Claire that they don't get to spend alot of time together, "When we're busy, we agree to mutually ignore each other. Not completely, but neither of us gets mad when the other doesn't text back or call. Life's super busy. Obviously you know what they're doing, and you trust them."

3. Bella Thorne and Tristan Klier

These two have been together for a whooping 3 years, which is an eternity by celebrity standards. Unfortunately, time was out on this relationship in August 2014. Klier shared a really sweet message on Instagram about their split: "Whether itís trips to different countries or an awesome beach house, uve done it all. I know I wasnít always the most appreciative but know itís meant the world and more to me and I couldnít have enjoyed it any better. Iíll never forget it, from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

4. Johnny Galecki and Kelli Garner

The Big Bang Theory star called it quits with Pan Am actress Kelli after 2 years. They have indicated that they are still 'best friends'. Yah, right.

5. Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima is officially single and available (probably not for very long) after she split from long time husband Marko, with which she had 2 kids with. "After long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage. We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters that we will continue to co-parent. We would greatly appreciate your respect for our family's privacy as we begin this delicate next chapter for all members of our family."

6. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Looks like their self-fulfilling prophecy has come true when this couple split up after 2.5 years. Casper Smart, 27, was once JLo's backup dancer. With an age difference of 17 years, it is really not hard to see why.

7. Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop

This couple probably had the longest relationship on this list at 5 years. They have a daughter, Barkley Bixby, and custody of her is still unknown.

8. Kate Mara and Max Minghella

House of Cards Kate Mara has been dating The Social Network star Max Minghella on and off from 2010, but called it quits this year.

9. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Sources indicated that their divorce is pretty much finalized though both have not released an official statement on their split.

10. Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler

This exceedingly cute couple called it quits this year for reasons that are not known.

11. Lucy Hale and Joel Crouse

Lucy Hale and country singer Joel Crouse holds the shortest relationship duration on this list at less than 2 months. They started hot and heavy in April 2014 and by end June 2014, they were individuals again. Reason for breakup is apparently their very busy schedules.

12. Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

How fars things fell for this couple who were once set to get married. Vergara released a statement on social media: "Not that anyone should care, but in order to not give the press the chance to invent crazy and hurtful drama, I prefer to tell my fans personally that Nick and I have decided to be apart. We have been having too many problems with having to figure out how to spend time together and because of my work and now his, it's been getting worse and worse, not fun anymore. We are still very close but we believe this is the best thing for us right now,"

13. Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman

Olivia Munn and Joel Jinnaman has broken up after a very respectable duration of 2 years. Their time apart was cited as reason for the break-up.

14. Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan

Fault in our Stars actor Ansel Elgort has split from high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan. Reason for the breakup? Not surprisingly, Ansel's hectic filming schedule.

15. John Mayer and Katy Perry

Yes, they are calling it quits.. again. This couple has had several rounds of reuniting and then breaking up, with the latest episode of breaking up in February 2014. Word has it on the rumor-mill that John was cheating on Katy. Will they be reuniting again?

16. David Duchovny and Tea Leoni

It's really sad when a really old couple breaks up and this is the case for David and Tea. Having been married for more than 17 years, this couple has thrown in the towel with divorce papers filed in June 2014, citing 'irretrievable breakdown'. David was treated for sex addiction in 2008, when the couple briefly separated but reconciled in 2011. They will share custody of their children.

17. Rita Ora and Calvin Harris

One of the music industry's hottest pair split up after 9 months. Rumor has it that Justin Bieber had a role to play in the breakup. However Harris has released a statement on Twitter, "To address speculation - myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best."

18. Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

This high school sweethearts headed for splits-ville in February 2014 with Paula Patton initiating the break. I guess no girl likes her guy grinding his pelvis with another. ďWe will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this timeĒ, was what Paula said.

19. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

Hilary and Mike split in January, which came as a shock to most observers as there have been no hints of any problems between them. The couple has a son, Luca.

20. Emma Watson and Will Adamowicz

This pair of college lovers went their separate ways apparently last summer, though official news only reported it in January 2014. "Emma and Will separated last summer and are no longer in touch," her rep said in a statement.

21. Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas

What is life like when you list a real prince as one of your ex-boyfriend? That's what Cressida Bonas had to deal with since April 2014. There were a few issues that were cited as reasons for the breakup including Prince Harry's complain that Cressida was too needy and Cressida's unwillingless to be royalty.

22. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Kapfer

Another sad example of a committed couple just not able to make things work. Cuba Gooding Jr and Sara Kapfer were high school sweethearts and have been married for more than 20 years, with 3 children. Divorce was filed in April 2014.

23. Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell

This couple has been married for a mere 2 years before calling it quits in May 2014. They announced the news in a statement through their rep: "Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have decided to separate. They both love and respect one another and will of course remain committed to co-parenting their son. This is a mutual decision and the two remain close friends."

24. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

18 years of marriage was not enough to hold this couple together. Divorce was filed in June 2014 citing 'irreconcilable differences'. This Bandera's second divorce and Griffith's fourth.

25. Jewel and Ty Murray

Jewel and her rodeo star, Ty Murray had been together for 16 years, last 6 of which were married. Jewel wrote a heartfelt post on their breakup.

26. Heidi Klum and Martin Kristen

Martin Kristen was Heidi's former bodyguard, and it was him who helped Heidi get over her split from Seal. I wonder who is going to help Heidi now with her split from Martin.

27. Ireland Baldwin and Slater Trout

This sexy model broke up with her boyfriend Slater Trout in Mar 2014 whom she met via Instagram. "I love him more than anything but I need to focus on myself right now," the 18-year-old model said.

28. Big Sean and Naya Rivera

Despite getting engaged six months earlier, this couple has decided not to proceed with their wedding. A rep for Big Sean was reported saying, "The recent rumors and accusations reported by so-called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter."

29. Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald

This relatively new married couple split in March 2014. Due to their heavy work commitments, they have apparently been living apart for 6 months prior to their breakup. A rep for Nikki Reed said, "They will continue to share their love of music, and are still working on their debut album, I'm Not Falling, releasing in 2014. They remain best friends and look forward to their continued journey together."

30. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

This really private couple made a rare announcement in a blog post that they had plan to 'consciously uncouple and coparent' without any mention of a divorce.

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