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Travolta Now Back After The Scandal

June 8, 2012 John Travolta, Warren Beatty

Make way! Make way! John is finally in the building!

John Travolta, the now 58 year old Grease actor, is finally out and about since he was filed with a lawsuit for a male-on-male sexual misconduct.

He was present tonight at the American Film Institute's tribute to none other than, Miss Shirley MacLaine. But, he didn't sit in the audience like the other presenters. He just appeared onstage to give his remarks.

Travolta focused on the video clip he presented to MacLaine and talked about his past conversations with Warren Beatty about Shirley. His speech centered on how great a dancer she is and how from dancing she reached her now award-winning acting career.

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By: Maverine Lane

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