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Tulisa gets warnings that Danny Simpson is a serial cheat

November 21, 2012 Stephanie

X Factor judge Tulisa Contoslavos has been warned by some girls that her new boyfriend,football player Danny Simpson is a serial cheat. Tulisa however isn’t giving a damn about the warnings.

Simpsons ex-lovers will not make her change her mind and has branded the two girls as bitches and lying skanks after they revealed that Danny cheated on them.

One of them,Krystal Benjamin warned Tulisa saying that he two-timed her with then girlfriend Stephanie Ward.

The Sun reports that Simpson has been telling his friends that Tulisa is the Love of his life.

Danny’s ex, Stephanie said she watched Tulisa’s sex tape with Simpson and he mocked her ‘technique’.

Tulisa meanwhile took to twitter to pour her frustration on the ex-lovers who are getting in the way of her happiness. She said “This bitches r actually sick in the head, crazy for cash boy. Lying skanks. Believe me I’ve seen hard evidence”. She also wrote another message for the ‘haters’ informing them that they can all bite her.

Thanking her fans for the support she has been receiving, the TV queen tweeted “N my message4 my fans,supporters and ndubletts is Thank U. U KEEP ME ALIVE. Don’t live a lie 4 anyone no matter what they say. Stay true 2 urself!”

“Rant Over..on with feeling good 2.

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By: Maverine Lane

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