Oxygen Network Plans New Shows For Viewers
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Oxygen Network Plans New Shows For Viewers

December 12, 2008 02:26 pm CST 

The Oxygen Network's show "Bad Girls Club" was one of the most-watched and highest-rated season premieres for the network. Thanks to those ratings, the network is eager to develop and release new shows that will get fans as excited.

Celebrity News Service took a look at four new shows the network is thinking about -- all still using working titles, so they may end up with different names -- and wonders if any of them will have the following that "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" and "Bad Girls Club" does. Oxygen is hoping they do, here are the four new shows:

"Hogs & Heifers" -- this docu-series following the lives of business owner Michelle Dell and her saucy, foul mouthed, fire blowing bartenders in two of the famous Hogs & Heifers locations, New York and Las Vegas. Sporting low cut jeans and biker boots, we'll find Michelle jumping from the top of her bar and onto her Harley as she balances her business, boyfriend and the race to get pregnant before she turns 40.

"The Girls" -- This show takes place in Nashville -- where heart strings meet guitar strings -- Jennifer Wayne (Granddaughter of John Wayne), Tayla Lynn (Granddaughter of Loretta Lynn), and Caroline Cutbirth (Great Great Great Great Grandniece of Daniel Boone) live in all-American shadows, with legendary blood running through their veins, as they take on dating and mating in the nation's heartland. With the help of their mentor, Anastasia Brown, music industry veteran and Nashville royalty, Oxygen will follow the girls as they chase their dreams of country music stardom while bringing sexy back to the country. "The Naughty Kitchen" -- Take one fiery young chef on a quest for total world culinary domination, combine her distinctive sexy new American cuisine, add a cutting edge Dallas restaurant with a loud cast of characters and you've got "The Naughty Kitchen." Blythe Beck, a 28-year old Texas native is the naughty head chef at "Hector's on Henderson" a top-rated Dallas restaurant. She's plus-sized in stature and personality. Oxygen will follow her life running the kitchen and the colorful crew at Hector's, while exploring Beck's personal life beyond the kitchen, with her tell-it-like-it is best friend and hairdresser, Erika, and her after hours escapades with chef-next-door, Cory.

"Lady and the Champ" -- World Title boxing champion, Sugar Shayne Mosley, has beaten Oscar de la Hoya Twice. But in his personal life, it's his fast-talking, Korean-American wife Jin, with her thick Long Island accent that has him dancing as fast as he can. "Lady and the Champ" follows the Mosley's, their four young kids and wacky extended family.

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