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Usher wants might put his ex-wife Tameka on the streets

May 17, 2012 Usher

Usher Raymond wants his Georgia mansion back even if having the house will render ex-wife homeless. Usher and Tameka’s custody battle got ugly with them urging in court over many issues that went wrong but Tameka did not see this coming. She lives in the mansion with their two sons. At some point, Tameka is said to have threatened Usher saying she’d kill him. When questioned in court, she said it was out of anger but did not mean it.

An insider said that Tameka is very worried that Usher will sell the house just to spite and leave her and her and her two sons homeless. She is said to have asked Usher to buy her another house but he refused. Usher is to give Tameka 60 days’ notice to vacate the property if he wishes to sell it.

Usher and Tameka have two children together and they have been in custody battle, with Tameka claiming that Usher has not been doing his legal obligations as a co-parent. He has also failed to support her in approving and hiring nannies. Usher was supposed pay an amount per month to enable Tameka to hire nannies but he failed to.She now claims she owes the nannies around $34,000.

Tameka filed papers to a judge requesting that she gets sole custody of the children since Usher is not fulfilling his duties as a co-parent.

Tameka was Usher’s personal stylist.Their marriage ended in 2009 and Tameka revealed that they had lived separately for a year.They have two children Usher Raymond V,who is four years and Naviyd Eli,3.

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By: Maverine Lane

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