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Vaginal Woes of Kate Major Puts Michael Lohan in Disarray

August 4, 2014 Michael Lohan, Casey Anthony

Kate Major is being mistreated in jail and if boyfriend Michael Lohan has some say in it, it won’t continue for longer. He has hired Casey Anthony’s lawyer to make sure his baby mama, who is serving time for a DUI, gets proper treatment for a vagina bleeding.

According to Lohan, Kate started bleeding twice in a week and was just taken to an infirmary and back to her cell. There were no specialists consulted and only an ultrasound was done, which showed a heartbeat. But Michael says, "You know damn well if someone has vaginal bleeding while pregnant that's indicative of a miscarriage."

His attorney Jose Baez is pushing for a court order that states that the jail authorities should treat Kate’s vaginal bleeding properly, preferably consulting a specialist.

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By: Maverine Lane

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