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Vanity Fair Denies Photoshopping to Give Prince William a Fuller Head of Hair

July 16, 2014 Kate Middleton, Prince

Do you suspect foul play- er, we mean photoshop magic on the latest issue of Vanity Fair? You’re not the only one. Recently questioned about whether they touched up Prince William’s balding glory to make it appear like he has more hair, Vanity Fair were quick to reply “"We did not Photoshop the cover to make Prince William appear to have more hair”

Okay, okay! While Prince William’s hair might have been left alone, the magazine admits to other alterations having been made to the cover that features him, Kate Middleton and the newest addition to the royal family, Prince George. They say “We gave the image a poster-like palette. We added some shadow to Prince William to make the white type more legible, and to place more emphasis on Prince George."

Well, that seems alright, we suppose.

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By: Maverine Lane

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