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Why Target will not sell Beyonces new Album

December 17, 2013 Queen, Beyonce

Everybody loves Beyonce and her music, so it came as a pleasant surprise to her fans when Bey launched her newest album exclusively online. Well the fact is not everyone was happy with the surprise. Apparently Target was miffed with Beyonce’s iTunes launch and has made a statement that they won’t feature the album on their stands for now.

Erica Julkowski, who is the spokesperson for Target said that there aim, is to offer their guests a wide range of CD’s, so when a new album is launched digitally or online, it impacts the sales. She added that they have partnered with Beyonce in the past, they will not be carrying the singers self titled album ‘Beyonce’ on their shelves.

Well whether Target sells Queen B’s album or not, it has already made record breaking sales worldwide with more than 80,000 copies being sold in the first 3 hours since its release and as off now crossed the 500,000 mark. Now that is star power!!!

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By: Maverine Lane

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