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Woman Acquitted in case for Assaulting Tara Reid

December 13, 2013 Tara Reid

To refresh your memory, on Nov 8th 2012, Tara Reid and a few close friends were celebrating her birthday at Beat Nightclub in West End, when a woman, Maryam Hassan tried to mingle with the party. When she didn’t get enough attention from Tara, she allegedly used bad language against her and also hurled a drink towards the American Pie actress and the Tara returned the favor.

There was a physical altercation as reportedly Maryam threw a glass at Tara, which cut her forehead and bruised her nose. The bouncers were involved and the lady, Maryam Hassan, who is a model, was escorted outside the club. Tara had pressed charges for racial discrimination, verbal abuse and causing distress against Maryam.

Yesterday a jury reached the verdict that Maryam was not guilty of the attack and the glass actually slipped from her hand when the bouncers tried to escort her out. She also claimed that she never racially abused anyone, and isn’t a racist, as she herself is of a mixed heritage and has married a black guy. Maryam was acquitted of all the charges, but she chose not to comment on the matter after leaving the courthouse. There were no comments from Tara’s side as well. Seems like all’s well that ends well.

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By: Maverine Lane

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