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You'd be surprised at how some of the stars' stunt doubles look

March 8, 2015 Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Dwayne Johnson, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Mark Ruffalo, Rupert Grint, Shia LaBeouf, Andrew Garfield

While many celebrities like to do their own stunts, many others use stunt doubles in their films for extreme acts. But do you ever notice when the stunt double takes over?

Here are some of our celebrities posing for pictures with their stunt doubles. You will be quite surprised at how they look!

Jennifer Lopez

John Travolta

Dwayne Johnson (I would have thought he does his own stunts!)

Emma Watson

Kate Beckinsale (equally hot!)

Robert Pattinson (equally weird...)

Andrew Garfield

Bruce Willis

Taylor Lautner (huh???)

Mark Ruffalo (wow, can't tell them apart!)

Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf (sorry, Shia, your double is hotter)

Brad Pitt (talk about Beauty and the Beast)

Rupert Grint

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By: Maverine Lane

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