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Zoe Saldana Finally Talks about her Wedding to Marco Perego on Jimmy Kimmel Live

December 4, 2013 Zoe Saldana, Jimmy Kimmel

The world doesn’t know much about Zoe Saldana’s new relationship status; Married. The Avatar Actress married Italian Artist Marco Perego in June but beyond that there was no news about the marriage or the couple.

Though to be frank, Zoe hasn’t revealed much about her wedding to Marco even with Jimmy Kimmel, however she did acknowledge the fact that the couple is indeed married since June. The Star Trek actress was first linked to Marco when the couple was spotted kissing at an after party for Star Trek – In to the Darkness, in Hollywood.

Zoe has been exceptionally quite about the whole union but finally it came out on the talk show that she was married in England in June. Maybe this is Zoe’s way of taking baby steps towards speaking out about her hush-hush wedding. Well we respect your privacy and we are sure, with time, you will attempt to reveal more about this.

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By: Maverine Lane

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