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Zoe Saldana might go pixie for the remake of Rosemarys Baby

January 21, 2014 Zoe Saldana

The moment people say Rosemary’s Baby, we remember the young Mia Farrow in her cute pixie cut. The movie and the haircut became iconic; especially the haircut, which can easily be called as one of the best haircuts in movies at all time.

With the remake of the movie coming up in the form of a miniseries all eyes are on Zoe Saldana. People are keen to know what will Zoe’s take on the iconic character played by Mia Farrow will be like. When asked if she will be watching the movie while studying her role, Zoe said, “They did it so well. It’s not about imitating what they did. I think it’s about focusing more on the book and trying to get the best Rosemary that I can think of.”

However, when asked about the pixie haircut that Mia sported, Mia said, “It’s tempting”. So overall it does seem like Zoe will try to get the look right for the movie and might just get the pixie, which is synonymous with Rosemary’s character

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By: Maverine Lane

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