Bollywood Censors Pressure Film To Cut Gay Sex Scenes
Wed, 29 Sep 2010

Bollywood's first film featuring same-sex scenes is being pressured by the Indian censors to cut the sequence. "Dunno U… Na Jaana Kyun," already being called India's answer to "Brokeback Mountain," is causing controversy over some scenes featuring two men as lovers.

Although not much is known about its plot, the film promises to break long-held taboos in the Asian country by focusing on the explicitly sexual relationship between two Indian men.

Censors are calling for director Anil Sharma to cut the sex scenes between lead actors Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj Parasher. The film's poster, featuring the two leads in a sensual embrace, already caused furor in the conservative country.

Sharma, who insists that cinemagoers are "mature enough" to deal with the plot, has been quoted by the Times of India as saying, "The only thing I was particular about was that this character should not come across as a caricature or just as an object of mockery."

Meanwhile, Parasher's family has been thrown out of his home and disowned by his family. His father, Satish Parasher, is even prepared to go to court to officially cut off ties with his son.

Satish claims his son lied when he told them he is acting with a girl. His participation in the film "shocked, hurt, and humiliated" his family.

He said, "His mother is totally devastated. We are a respected family and I'm appalled that he is playing a gay man's role. We're finished. All the dreams and hopes we had built around him are over. For just a film role, he has lost out on his blood ties."

"We don't want to see his face ever… not even when we are dying."

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