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Guy clarkAlbums And Tracks
Somedays the song writes you
  1. All she wants is you
  2. Eamon
  3. Hemingway's whiskey
  4. Hollywood
  5. If i needed you
  6. Maybe i can paint over that lyrics
  7. One way ticket down
  8. Somedays the song writes you lyrics
  9. The coat
  10. The guitar
  11. Wrong side of the tracks
The platinum collection
  1. Baton rouge lyrics
  2. Comfort and crazy
  3. Don't you take it too bad lyrics
  4. Fools for each other lyrics
  5. Fool on the roof
  6. Heartbroke lyrics
  7. In the jailhouse now lyrics
  8. Lone star hotel
  9. Must be my baby lyrics
  10. New cut road lyrics
  11. One paper kid lyrics
  12. Ramblin' jack and mahan lyrics
  13. Rita ballou lyrics
  14. She's crazy for leavin'
  15. The houston kid
  16. The partner nobody chose
  17. The south coast of texas lyrics
  18. Too much lyrics
  19. Voila, an american dream lyrics
  20. Who do you think you are

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