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Hugh cornwellAlbums And Tracks
Beyond elysian fields
  1. 24-7 lyrics
  2. Beauty on the beach lyrics
  3. Cadiz lyrics
  4. Do right bayou lyrics
  5. Henry moore lyrics
  6. I don't mind lyrics
  7. Land of a thousand kisses lyrics
  8. Mr. big lyrics
  9. Picked up by the wind lyrics
  10. The story of harry power lyrics
  11. Under her spell lyrics
Hoover dam
  1. Banging on at the same old beat
  2. Beat of my heart
  3. Delightful nightmare
  4. Going to the city
  5. Philip k. ridiculous
  6. Please don't put me on a slow boat to trowbridge
  7. Rain on the river
  8. The pleasure of your company lyrics
  9. Within you or without you
  10. Wrong side of the tracks
Totem & taboo
  1. A street called carroll
  2. Bad vibrations
  3. Gods guns and gays
  4. God is a woman
  5. In the dead of night
  6. I want one of those
  7. Love me slender
  8. Stuck in the daily mail land
  9. The face
  10. Totem and taboo

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