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Lex zaletaAlbums And Tracks
Asking for forever
  1. Al qaeda on the western front lyrics
  2. Asking for forever lyrics
  3. Dead man's turn
  4. If a heart breaks
  5. Low down on my luck lyrics
  6. Mr. bad luck
  7. Narrow bed lyrics
  8. No shirt, no shoes, no service blues
  9. Poker game of pain lyrics
  10. Watch me die
  11. Where was i going
  12. You're on trial
  13. Your mama's behind bars blues lyrics
  14. Zones lyrics
No place like home
  1. Charmed and dangerous
  2. Five friends lyrics
  3. Giant scissors of time
  4. Handle it with prayer
  5. Loose change
  6. Middle ground
  7. Never, never land lyrics
  8. No place like home lyrics
  9. Silence surrounds me lyrics
  10. Straying into no
  11. Tell me, icarus lyrics
  12. The question song lyrics
  13. Twin towers of strength lyrics
Small traces of truth
  1. April fool lyrics
  2. Come december lyrics
  3. Dwelling in dark places lyrics
  4. Feel, felt, found
  5. I can feel it from here
  6. I walk a time lyrics
  7. Race to judgment lyrics
  8. Sandbag sin lyrics
  9. Small traces of truth lyrics
  10. The great gray sky lyrics
  11. The valley song lyrics
  12. Viagra waltz
The hopin' road
  1. A body without a heart lyrics
  2. Cursed creature
  3. Fall for anything lyrics
  4. Hell was filled lyrics
  5. Horizontal dancer lyrics
  6. I noticed your tattoo lyrics
  7. Oh dear atheist
  8. Red kool-Aid on the couch
  9. Slow dancing with the devil lyrics
  10. Ten no more lyrics
  11. The bad seed lyrics
  12. The hopin' road
  13. The winds of every war

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