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Golden delicious
  1. 27 jennifers lyrics
  2. Fort hood lyrics
  3. I got the drop on you lyrics
  4. I just want the girl in the blue dress to keep on dancing lyrics
  5. I wrote a song about your car lyrics
  6. Like a luminous girl lyrics
  7. More bacon than the pan can handle lyrics
  8. Navigating by the stars at night lyrics
  9. Nectarine (Part one) lyrics
  10. Put it down lyrics
  11. Wednesday (Contra la puerta) lyrics
Haughty melodic
  1. Busting up a starbucks lyrics
  2. Sunken-Eyed girl lyrics
Sad man happy man
  1. (He's got the) whole world (In his hands)
  2. (I keep on) rising up
  3. (I want to) burn you (Down) lyrics
  4. (When i) box the days (Up)
  5. (You should be) doubly (Gratified)
  6. Casper the friendly ghost
  7. Diane
  8. How to f**k a republican
  9. Lord lord help me just to rock rock on
  10. Lorna zauberberg lyrics
  11. Nectarine (Part two) lyrics
  12. Pleasure on credit lyrics
  13. Year of the dog lyrics
Skittish rockity roll
  1. 27 jennifers lyrics

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