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PowergloveAlbums And Tracks
Metal kombat for the mortal man
  1. Blasting the hornet
  2. Fight on
  3. Holy orders (Be quick and just shred)
  4. Mario minor
  5. Metal kombat for the mortal man
  6. Omnishred (We're gonna need a bigger sword)
  7. Power, wisdom, courage
  8. Red wings over baron
  9. So sexy robotnik
  10. The duck grinder
  11. Vanquish the horrible night
Saturday morning apocalypse
  1. Batman
  2. Gotta catch 'em all
  3. Heffalumps and woozles
  4. Inspector gadget
  5. The flintstones
  6. The real adventures of jonny quest
  7. The simpsons
  8. This is halloween
  9. Transformers
  10. X-Men

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