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ForWe came as romans
We came as romansAlbums And Tracks
  1. Conditions lyrics
  2. Dreams lyrics
  3. Intentions lyrics
  4. Shapes lyrics
Other songs
  1. Mis-Understanding lyrics
  2. Motions lyrics
  3. My love lyrics
  4. To move on is to grow lyrics
  5. Understanding what we've grown to be lyrics
To plant a seed
  1. An ever-Growing wonder lyrics
  2. Beliefs lyrics
  3. Broken statues lyrics
  4. Dreams lyrics
  5. Intentions lyrics
  6. I will not reap destruction lyrics
  7. Roads that don't end and views that never cease lyrics
  8. Searching, seeking, reaching, always lyrics
  9. To plant a seed lyrics
  10. We are the reasons lyrics
Understanding what we've grown to be
  1. A war inside
  2. Cast the first stone
  3. Everything as planned
  4. I can't make your decisions for you
  5. Just keep breathing
  6. Mis-Understanding lyrics
  7. Stay inspired
  8. The way that we have been
  9. Understanding what we've grown to be lyrics
  10. Views that never cease, to keep me from myself
  11. What i wished i never had
  12. What my heart held

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