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May 03 12

In the first clip released from "Men in Black 3," available exclusively on Yahoo! Movies, Will Smith and Josh Brolin chase down a motorcycle-riding villain in (drum roll)... monowheels.

"Do you have these in the future?" a young Agent Kay (played by Brolin) asks Agent Jay (Smith) as he whips out a couple monowheels for the pair to ride after their car gets trashed. They're in hot pursuit of Boris (Jermaine Clement from "Flight of the Conchords"), a time-traveling alien who goes back to 1969 in order to erase the older K (the returning Tommy Lee Jones) from existence.

The single-wheel vehicles have the shiny silver look common to all of the tech used by the Men in Black. They have motorcycle seats and handlebars, but just one wheel that expands telescopically around the passenger. In a nod to '60s automotive style, they do have little tailfins on the brake lights. J and K traverse the streets, rolling over cars and leaning from side-to-side with gyroscopic motion keeping them upright.

Apr 11 12

"The Lucky One" has been premiered in Australia on Monday, April 9. Attending the first special screening event for the romantic drama movie was none other than lead actor Zac Efron. The 24-year-old actor was welcomed by plenty of screaming female fans as he stepped out on the red carpet that rolled outside the Bondi Junction Event Cinemas.

The former "High School Musical" actor looked sleek in a Calvin Klein two-piece gray suit that he paired with a matching tie. The hunky thesp was all smiles as he signed autographs for his awaiting devotees and posed for photographers.

Sharing his excitement for taking part in the special screening occasion, Zac took to his Twitter account to share a video that shows the fans who went hysterical as he arrived at the venue. "Check out the incredible fans at #TheLuckyOne's Sydney premiere!" so the actor tweeted along with the video.

Apr 11 12

By Marc Graser, Justin Kroll

Ben Kingsley is in final talks to play the villain in Marvel Studios and Disney's "Iron Man 3," but fans of the comicbook character will be disappointed to learn he won't take on original Tony Stark archenemy the Mandarin.

Though insiders acknowledged Kingsley's involvement to Variety, Marvel declined to comment on the deal, and insiders denied that the character would be the Mandarin, a wealthy Chinese scientist and martial arts expert who, by backing the warlord who imprisoned Stark, was indirectly responsible for his creating Iron Man.

Apr 11 12

Sure, Elle Fanning's acting skills can move one to tears, as we saw in her audition scene in "Super 8." But can she croon?

The "Somewhere" star will soon be showing off her singing skills as she's signed on to appear in the Glasgow-set musical, "God Help the Girl," according to Variety.

"God Help the Girl" was written by Stuart Murdoch, the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian, who will also be making his directorial debut. The project began in late 2003 when Murdoch started writing a few songs that had a "girl group" sound, which led to the 2009 concept album (and precursor to the film), "God Help the Girl." On the album, Catherine Ireton sang the "part" of Eve, the main character who has yet to be cast.

Apr 11 12

"The Hunger Games" continues its victorious run on the North American box office. Defending its champion title for three weeks in a row, the famous novel-adapted movie rakes in $33.1 million this weekend. Dropping only 43% from last week, the survival sci-fi pic collects a total domestic cume of $302.8 million in only 17 days after being released in the U.S. theaters.

Landing on the runner-up spot is "American Reunion", which takes in $21.5 million on its opening weekend. The latest movie of the "American Pie" series scores a "B+" CinemaScore, while attracting mostly older moviegoers which make up 60% of the ticket buyers.

Though "Reunion", which is made with a budget of $50 million, marks the smallest opening in the "Pie" franchise, Universal Pictures is satisfied enough with the result. The studio's president of domestic distribution Nikki Rocco says, "We're very happy with the worldwide result for 'American Reunion'. Based on the cost, this is going to be a very successful endeavor for Universal."

Apr 11 12

Everyone knows the three most inspiring words in the English language aren't "I love you" -- they're "nyuk nyuk nyuk." That's right, those legendary chowderheads of yesteryear, "The Three Stooges," are back in business on the big screen, courtesy of "Dumb and Dumber" masterminds the Farrelly brothers.

Larry (Sean Hayes), Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos), and Curly (Will Sasso) star in three shorts involving a murder plot, a reality show, and an attempt to save their childhood orphanage while inflicting as much damage to others and themselves in the process. What, you think you know better? Oh, a wise guy, eh?

Apr 11 12

Emily Watson, Anna Friel and Lena Headey will star in Jon Amiel's The Poisoners, a dark comedy about women left behind in an English farming community during World War I who become involved with several German prisoners-of-war.

Paul Billing has written the screenplay. The project will be produced by Jeanna Polley and her London-based production company The Producers.

The cast will also include German actors Ken Duken, Hanno Koffler and Alexander Scheer.

Apr 03 12

"The Hunger Games" secures the champion title on the North American box office for the second week in a row. Collecting $58.5 million this week, the famous novel-adapted movie grosses a total domestic cume of $251 million. The film crosses a $250 million mark in only 10 days, which is the fastest grossing ever for a non-sequel feature.

Newcomer "Wrath of the Titans" can't take over the top spot from "Hunger Games". Opening to $33.4 million, the sequel to "Clash of the Titans" can't best its predecessor which grossed a massive $61.2 million on its opening weekend on Good Friday holiday in 2010.

"We made the decision to open even with 'Hunger Games' and the NCAA Final Four basketball games so that we could play through the heart of the holidays. We knew this would be a preview," so says Warner Bros. Pictures president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman. The Greek myth epic movie receives a B+ CinemaScore, while attracting 66% male audience. Around 55% of the ticket buyers are over the age of 25.

Apr 03 12

Let's all agree up-front: Nobody likes a bully, and that's the easiest connection with the new buzzed-about documentary, "Bully," out today in New York and Los Angeles. I wasn't happy when Bobby Dreyfus told me I was flat-chested in the seventh grade when I was walking the halls between algebra and Spanish, and I didn't believe adults who told me it was his way of saying he liked me. It's still embarrassing to admit, and there wasn't any violence attached. Oh, and Bobby, I have boobs now. Hah! Most of us have been on the receiving end of some level of bullying, and if we are still alive to talk about it when we have our own adolescent children, then we're not like the unfortunate extreme cases, also chronicled in the movie, in which children have taken their own lives rather than get on the bus one more time.

It's easy to identify with the individual subjects, such as Tyler who hanged himself in his bedroom closet, the awkward Alex who is so starved for friendship he tolerates daily physical abuse on a bus in Middle America and who's being poked with pencils and called names. It's no surprise, given his age and geekiness that he doesn't have the emotional wherewithal to fight back, or put into words his feelings of inadequacy when (and if) he discusses the outbreaks with his parents, teachers, school officials, and police officers. The movie also follows an Oklahoma out-lesbian teen who tries to take a stand at her high school, a 14-year-old who took her mother's gun and brandished it at her tormenters on the morning bus, and an 11-year-old farmer's son whose bereft father becomes an antibullying activist.

"Bully," the anecdotal new documentary from the Weinstein Company, has been in the news because the MPAA recently rated this teaching tool "R," due to swearing. In response, the Weinstein Company, having received a certain amount of publicity from the ridiculous rating, is going out with the film unrated. It's nowhere near as obscene as any random episode of "South Park." In fact, it seems to me, and I'm not a filmmaker, that a teeny amount of bleeping could easily have changed the rating of this movie to PG, although the producers claim that sharing the hurtful words of bullying is crucial to the message.

Apr 03 12

Though it loosely follows the story of The Supremes and charts a familiar course through family tension, talent rising and falling and how success can be fleeting, Motown drama Sparkle may end up being remembered as Whitney Houston's final film. The trailer is now online and can be watched below.

Sparkle charts the rise to fame of Sparkle Williams (Jordin Sparks), a young woman for whom talent runs in the family. Her mother Emma (Houston) used to be a famous singer and while her career serves as more of a cautionary tale than a How To manual, Sparkle and her sisters Delores (Tika Sumpter) and Sister (Carmen Ejgogo) are determined to carve their own path. Particularly when they happen upon a couple of lucky breaks and Sparkle finds romance with manager Stix (Derek Luke).

Naturally, there are problems with egos and drugs along the way, and Sparkle is clearly looking to tap into the Dreamgirls vibe, so hopefully it'll also offer a few new tweaks along the way. It does at least boast new music from Houston (who was also a producer), Cee-Lo Green (who also acts) and Sparks, along with songs written by R Kelly.

Apr 03 12

Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins attend a press conference for their film, John Carter, at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo on Monday (April 2) in Tokyo, Japan.

The night before, the co-stars premiered the sci-fi action flick, which opens April 13 in Japan, at Roppongi Hills.

Taylor is also in the country for his other film, Battleship.

Mar 26 12

It is an old Hollywood maxim that everyone flees from failure. When a big movie bellyflops at the box office — like John Carter, which has pulled in a cringe-inducing $62 million in the U.S. in its first three weekends, barely a fourth of the film's $250 million budget — usually everyone involved tries to get as much distance as they can from the film, as quickly as they can get it. Everyone's hoping to salvage not only their careers, but their psyches as well, especially when that much blood, sweat, and treasure has been invested in a passion project that's become a media punching bag.

Apparently, no one told Taylor Kitsch this is how he's supposed to behave. When EW caught up with the actor a few hours before he was embarking on his global press tour for Battleship — his second effects-laden big budget studio picture this year — the 30-year-old said he had "absolutely no regrets" about his first big screen starring role. "I would do John Carter again tomorrow," he says forthrightly. "I'm very proud of John Carter. Box office doesn't validate me as a person, or as an actor."

Kitsch understands that the sci-fi adventure's financial failings — while it's pulled in over $230 million worldwide, Disney still expects to lose $200 million on the film — are clearly "unfortunate," if for no other reason than it's a virtual certainty that director Andrew Stanton's planned two sequels will never see a greenlight. "I'd love to go do John Carter 2," he says. "I really would. It's just s—ty I don't get to work with the [John Carter] family. It really was a special thing."

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